Anthem of Water

An Excerpt from The Day Before Tomorrow 


I am a droplet of water poised at the tip of a maple leaf, sensing freedom. Neither the past nor the future exists. I release myself and descend in perfect spherical wholeness until I hit the deep black pond below, creating a ripple that if left boundless would extend to infinity.

Without warning I am swallowed up by a deer and become energy itself on a journey through the body, wanting nothing, taking nothing, in time breathed out where I float endlessly upward to become part of a cloud.
Eventually I become a snowflake, divinely symmetrical, looping and swirling high above the globe with unparalleled elegance until I glide deep into a mountain’s belly where I settle for a time, sparkling with pristine beauty.

I am picked up by an eddy, swirl in and out of time with grace unseen and sooner or later find myself immersed in a droplet, attached to nothing. I am called down again, become a prism that bends the sun into a thousand colors.

Finally plummeting into a raging river, I fearlessly descent the steepest slopes, course through lush cedar glades and lace through the plains as a shiny ribbon. So powerful, I chisel rock, yet so yielding I become one with the which I nourish. I flow as part of the earth, teeming with life through every crack and crevice, with perfect memory towards the source from whence I came.  

And when the day finally comes, I hear the roar of the ocean and plunge forward, unafraid to be dissolved. Pouring in, I allow myself to be reinvented a thousand times from form to formless, liquid to vapour to ice. 

I am truthful and pure.
Wherever I am, I am home.

Neither the past, nor the future exists